One Day in Straubing, Germany


Since we moved to Bavaria I made a list of all the picturesque towns I wanted to visit, I even researched everything I could eat and buy in each town, however, Straubing was not on my list! Luckily while looking at the map to visit another town I came across the name and, when I looked at the pictures from the beautiful old town I was sold!

Straubing is located between Passau and Regensburg sitting on the Danube River. It makes a perfect day trip and has everything you would expect from a Bavarian little town, from great food to cute souvenirs, I definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

We decided to visit Straubing on a saturday morning and it was a great idea since Straubing’s old town had a Farmers Market happening, and a very family friendly atmosphere. We spent the day eating, taking pictures and buying souvenirs.


The Farmers Market had a great cheese cart and, of course, I bought some goodies. We also found a beautiful stand that sold all things wood, everything was handmade and I wanted to get so many things, but I was able to resist myself and just bought a few cooking turners and spoons, and the cutest little containers to keep baby teeth.

Straubing was super family friendly, they had children’s stores everywhere and I happened to find the cutest one: Räuber & Komplizen, the store carries the brand Little Dutch, which I love, along with some of the best baby/children european brands and has curated every single thing with great taste. Next to it there’s a French Bistro called Cafe Krönner, that I will definitly need to try next time we visit. It was also the first time we let Alonso walk around the streets and he had a blast!


To eat I had a spicy Rostbratwurst on a fresh roll and Hubby grabbed a horse sausage roll, that was, surprisingly, so good! There were many food stalls selling horse sausages so I’m guessing it’s a classic meal in Straubing. Afterwards, I had a Kirschtasche, something like a mini cherry pie, and it was delicious! Before heading back, we had some ice cream from the cutest little shop located right in the middle of the main street, we sat outside and enjoyed the old town views.


Safe to say our visit to Straubing didn’t disappoint. It was the perfect day trip filled with good food, great buys and perfect memories with the family, so if you find yourself in the area be sure to visit.


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